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pig iron в Италии

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Исплоьзованные рельсы Used Rail R50-R65
312 $/т CIF
Sco used rail r50-r65 apr 2018 to: end buyer used rail r50-r65 price: $312/ mt cif quantity minimum: 10,000 mt a month quantity maximum: 500,000...
Цена по запросу
Авангард, ООО, RU +1 объявление
We will help to purchase for your business from Russia, the qualitative Electrodes graphitized. The graphitized electrodes are applied in arc...
Zinc ingots according to GOST 99. 98 / 99. 99 Цинк в чушках
Цена по запросу
BG Group, ООО, UA
Zinc ingots according to GOST 99.98 / 99.99 Цинк в чушках Our company is ready to offer wholesale supply of zinc bullion to your country. The...
Универсальное дезинфицирующее и очищающее средство
10 €/л
Stevyr, Oy, FI
H. Sept A Universal Disinfecting Cleaning Agent Purposes H. SEPT is used for cleaning and disinfecting different surfaces like stainless steel...
Зола рисовой лузги. Рисовая лузга.
220 €/т EXW  
Оптовая цена
200 - 180 €/т
Кутернега С.А., ИП, RU
Зола рисовой шелухи. Рыхлый порошок тёмного цвета не имеющий запаха. В состав входит: Влажность: 2,9% Потери при воспламенении: 13,4% Триоксид...
Цена по запросу
Авангард, ООО, RU +1 объявление
We put babbits for your needs, which will be used in bearings in the form of a layer poured into steel and cast iron bodies. Babbits can...
Pig Iron for Steelmaking and Casthouse, Ukraine Origin
Цена по запросу
Лозтон Корпорейшн, Корпорация, UA
Pig Iron for steelmaking, for casthouse production, for casting , for casting refined with magnesium.. Any Qty... FOB Black Sea ports of...
I-Rem filter (removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide)
850 €/шт
Litech Aqua, ООО, UA
I-Rem effectively performs the following functions: removal of iron; removal of manganese; removal of hydrogen sulphide; The service life of the...
Iron ore, Lump
Цена по запросу
Arion Company, ТОО, KZ
Commodity: Iron ore, Lump Original: Chili Quantity: from 100000 tons per month Contract period:12 months with extensions Packing: In...
Floral fabric for iron board
16 €/шт  
Оптовая цена
6 - 12 €/шт
Fadeeva A., DI, Прато
Applicazioni Termoadesive (Iron on Patch) Wide variety of floral decoration sold either individually or in sets of 2-4-6 pieces.
Compound feed
Цена по запросу
Broilers, Turkeys Prestarter feed for broilers (from 0 to 8 days) Broiler starter feed (0 to 16 days) Fattening feed for broilers (from 17 to 43...
Medical masks
Оптовая цена
от 0.18 €/шт EXW
Saugus Atsiskaitymai, UAB, LT
Medical masks. Production. 3-layer mask. Pack of 10/15/30/50 pieces. Description; - Spunbond + Meltblown + Spanbond; - nose clip, spandex...
Induction furnace for melting 500 kg of steel
69 000 $/компл CIP
Stanok expert, ООО, RU
Selling industrial foundry equipment: Induction furnace for melting 500 kg of steel. We can make this melting furnace: induction furnace for...
Цена по запросу
Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time we are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By...
Dry brewer's yeast
1 €/т
Dry brewer's yeast is a unique product that contains up to 40-55% of high-quality, complete, easily digestible protein, which includes 17...
Bog oak
12 000 €/м.куб. FOB  
Оптовая цена
8 000 - 10 000 €/м.куб.
Дгч Сириус, ООО, UA
Group companies resident in different countries with the joint employment has the ability to offer raw materials for further processing , namely...
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