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Human Resources Management, resumes in Italy   2
Balzhanova A., 24 years old, Oral, KZ  /  Higher education
looking for job in Rome, Milan, full time
No work experience. Education: Sapienza, Master in Busiess Management , Рим 2017 - 2019, Easygoing, fast learner, proactive, strategic approach to important issues, ability to contribute my skills and capabilities to the project work or specific...
Full name hidden, 50 years old, Moscow, RU  /  Higher education
looking for job in Rome, any schedule
Work experience: 3.5 years, Менеджер, ООО "Дизайн Бюро-М", Москва. Education: МГУКИ, Библиограф, Москва 2002 - 2008, Грамотная речь Грамотность Репортажная фотосъемка Креативность Портретная фотосъемка Дизайн одежды Стилист Дизайн...