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Giroletto del letto in metallo - dell'azienda di produzione
Price on request
Ортоленд, LLC, UA +2 ads
Giroletto del letto in metallo - dell'azienda di produzione Ortoland Produciamo e vendiamo giroletto in metallo per letti di dimensioni standard,...
Debarked and turned pine poles
Wholesale price
€100-220/cu m EXW
ИСК Энерго Карелия, LLC, RU +4 ads
Our company can produce debarked and turned pine poles The most popular dimensions of debarked pine poles: Diameter - 75-100 mm, lengths 1.65 /...
Parquet factory. Solid timber flooring offer from Ukraine
Wholesale price
from $22/sq m FCA
Пищенко В.В., SP, UA
We produce solid wood flooring (oak) We are in Ukraine (Kharkiv) Work since 2004 We offer parquet without coating.
L'elemento della recinzione è una balaustra. Scherma. recint
Wholesale price
ПДК Бастион, LLC, UA +2 ads
L'elemento combinato di recinzione, recinzione, ringhiera. 8 mm di spessore. lunghezza 950mm. Prezzo da 10 euro. fino a 35 euro. Qualsiasi...
$1/l DAP
Snap-group, SP, KZ +2 ads
The company selling Refined Oil offers oil For delivery from 20 tons and above. Terms of payment 100%.
Wood pellet from manufacturer. UA
90/t FCA  
Wholesale price
from €105/t
НВ Трейд Украина, LLC, UA
We produce pine pellets . In Stock 1000t (Dubrivka, Zhitomirskaya oblast) Ukraine. -Diameter is 6mm -Ash<0.5 % -MQO is 22t -Packaged in 15 kg or...
Peat moss for landscaping
Price on request
EcoPeatMix, LLC, RU +5 ads
Peat moss from Russia for agricultural industry and landscape design. Pressed peat moss slabs are the finished product for covering any prepared...
Wood pellets
Wholesale price
from €70/t
61, LLC, RU
Kindly we would like offer for your our wooden pellets. Diameter - 6 mm Raw material - pine, spruce Ash - 0,6 % max Moisture - 8,5 % max.
Bricchetti RUF, briquette RUF
Price on request
Ситников И.В., SP, RU +1 ad
The main activity of the company is RUF wood briquette, raw materials need to be carefully selected and prepared. Production are made from...
Offer from Belarus pine spruce dead wood/fresh cut big volum
1/pc FCA
Бел-Домагус, FLLC, BY
Wood broker from Belarus offers services & solutions for buyers to buy pine&spruce . Details about services & solutions (database of sawmills from...
Rinforzo in fibra di vetro composito dal produttore
0.10/m FCA
Вектор Инвест, LLC, UA +1 ad
Oggigiorno, molte aziende edili preferiscono sempre più il rinforzo composito rispetto al rinforzo in metallo per motivi di vantaggi economici e...
Price on request
ЛибертиОйл, LLC, BY +1 ad
Docosahexaenoic acid 10 000 kg
Global Carpeting Production
$0.35/pc FCA
Глобал Продукт, SP, UZ +1 ad
Dear Colleagues The Global Carpeting Production company expresses its respect to you and wants to inform you that in connection with the current...
Tappeto per cassette 60cm*40cm
0.12/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
WBM wood-box-machinery, PE, UA +1 ad
Tappeto per cassette 57.5cm*39.5cm
Vendita di grano.
Price on request
Ciao, la società SBM Group Kst LLP del Kazakistan ha l'opportunità di offrire prodotti agricoli. Offriamo per la consegna: Lino, orzo, colza,...
Mineral water
0.38/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Dear current and potential partners. Morshinskaya natural mineral water is a healthy, environmentally friendly and highly-important product. Water...
Graphite Electrode grade UHP HP RP with Low Price
$1,500/t FOB  
Wholesale price
Hubei Jinheng Carbon..., LLC, CN +4 ads
Graphite Electrodes grade RP HP SHP UHP with diameter 100-700 mm direct from manufacturer for arc furnace and ladle furnace. The brand is...
Copper ore/concentrates
Price on request
Arion Company, LLP, KZ +3 ads
Copper ore/concentrates Purity: >= Cu: 45% min% Original: Democratic Republic of Congo Price CIF: USD /MT Delivery term: CIF Sea Ports...
Apple iPhone x max 512gb
Wholesale price
from €300/pc
Maplin Electronics Limited, SE, DE
La fabbrica sbloccata Apple iPhone x max 512gb, sigillata in scatola con accessori completi, viene consegnata con garanzia internazionale di 1...
Экспертгран, LLC, RU +2 ads
Pellets directly from the production 80€ B. B. dark 90 € B. B. light 110 € 15 kg bag Consult for DAP Viber, What’s app
Compound feed
Price on request
КОМБИ КО, LLC, UA +7 ads
Broilers, Turkeys Prestarter feed for broilers (from 0 to 8 days) Broiler starter feed (0 to 16 days) Fattening feed for broilers (from 17 to 43...
Cestino di legno
Price on request
Торговый Максимум, LLC, BY +1 ad
Vendiamo cestini per il confezionamento di frutta e verdura, bacche, erbe, funghi, uova
Europallets 1200x800x144
5.50/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
Олпаллеты Украина, LLC, UA
Our company Allpallety Ukraine Llc produce dry Europallets 1200x800x144mm UIC/IPPC marking with Epal nails. Approximate moisture 20%. We produce 1...
Pellet A1 di legno in confezioni da 15 kg
Wholesale price
from €185/t DAP
Amotek, Sp. z o.o., PL +3 ads
Pellet di legno di 6 mm classe A1 in sacchi di polietilene da 15 kg ciascuno di segatura di specie di conifere. Umidità 5-8%, contenuto di ceneri...
Raw coil
$1.02/kg FCA
Alpha Binom, SP, RU
Ural coil. The color is green from light to dark. The coil is able to enhance several times the effect of drugs. If you wear earrings with this...
Separatore di cereali CAD-4 con ciclone
Price on request
Аэромех, LLC, UA
Separatore CAD-4 con ciclone: ​​Produttività: pretrattamento - fino a 6 t / h pulizia primaria - fino a 4 t / h calibrazione (selezione) - fino a...
Metallizzazione a spruzzo a freddo - bassa pressione
Price on request
REYMair инженерные технологии, LLC, UA
La tecnologia della spruzzatura a gas-dinamica a freddo è destinata all'applicazione di vernici in polvere da metalli (Al, Zn, Cu, Fe, Ti, Ni, Co,...
Weight bar for powerlifting and weightlifting
$650/pc DAP  
Wholesale price
Cherkasy Weight Bars, SP, UA +1 ad
Professional weight bar for powerlifting and weightlifting.
Conveyor Belt Fasteners K27, K28
Price on request
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
For use in surface and underground mining, staples penetrate the fabric inlays in the conveyor belt without damaging the fibres. They ensure high...
Coal products.
Price on request
ТДУ Украина, LLC, UA +1 ad
We offer the supply of coal products. Supply of high-grade anthracite, coal of energy and coke groups. Minimum lot of 5000 tons.
Egg Powder (WEP), (EYP-F), (EYP), (EWP-GF), (EWP-HW)
Wholesale price
€4.31-5.84/kg CIF
SNGroup, LLC, UA
Buy from us today Food safety and High-quality Pasteurized Whole Egg Powder (WEP), Pasteurized Fermented Egg yolk Powder (EYP-F), Pasteurized Egg...
I-Rem filter (removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide)
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA +12 ads
I-Rem effectively performs the following functions: removal of iron; removal of manganese; removal of hydrogen sulphide; The service life of the...
Sawn timber of pine. Legname di pino.
Wholesale price
from €115/cu m FCA
ШарВуд, AE, BY
We produce sawn wood since 2006 year. Our company works expecially with pine of natural moisture. Any size and long. Disk and tape sawing...
6922 sovtek tubes new matched pair = 6n23p-ev E88CC ECC88
22/pc EXW  
Wholesale price
Костюк И.П., SP, UA
New Sovtek 6922 Doube Triodes. Two matched tubes in one lot. One production batch, date of issue 02.03 and 02.04. All the tubes were tested on...
Gloves, nitrile
Intradei droup, LLC, UZ +1 ad
Gloves, nitrile, vinil,
Sell flannel
Wholesale price
€0.50-0.52/m FCA
БелАвтоРим, PUE, BY +1 ad
We offer flannel light unbleached (density 147g) width 305-320 cm flannel dense unbleached ( density 167g) width 172 cm.
Wood for pallets
Price on request
Акустик Проект Групп, PUE, BY +1 ad
We are looking for stable buyers of the board sizes 17-25 * 85-100 * 800/1000/1200. 1 and 2 grade, needles. Freshly sawn forest. Up to 170m3 /...
Pallets collars
Price on request
Рбкпал, LLC, BY
New Pallets collars of various grades and sizes.
320/pc FCA
Макаев К.О., SP, UA +4 ads
Сharcoal poppy A Fraction - 20mm-80mm Content of non-volatile carbon - not less than 80% Wood species: Hornbeam, Ash, Oak, Birch Water content -...
Sunflower pellets in big bags
Магнат-М, LLC, RU
Sale of sunflower husk pellets (agro pellets) from the manufacturer in big bags 900 kg. - During combustion does not emit harmful substances. -...
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