Stretch film from 10μm to 35μm any size
3 / kg FCA  2-3 / kg wholesale
We produce any polymer film: Stretch film, Prestretch film, Corliss...
ДАЛАН-Партнер, LLC, BY
Paprika affumicata "España pequeño"
0.51 / pc EXW  0.49-0.50 / pc wholesale
La paprica affumicata "Espana pequeño" è una delle spezie più...
ВикШир, LLC, UA
125 / cu m EXW  from 125 / cu m wholesale
Pali Torniti , Paliscortecciati pin (Ukraine)
Triorar, LLC, UA
Graphite Electrode UHP, SHP, HP, RP Competitive Price
$5 / kg FOB  from $5 / kg wholesale
We supply graphite electrode rp, hp, shp, uhp with dia.100-700 mm...
Hongkong Jinchang..., LLC, CN
Textile and Yarn Agent in Tuscany
50 / m  3-15 / m wholesale
Based on our knowledge of the distribution of warehouses in Tuscany,...
Fadeeva A., DI, Prato
$663 / t CIF
Selling sunflower oil. Terms of delivery of CIF. Form of payment:...
Янович В.Л., SP, UA
Cooperation:supply of material from the Siberian cedar. larh
200 / cu m DDP
Good afternoon! Proposed cooperation: supply of material from the...
Группа Компаний РесурсСибири, LLC, RU
Inflatable and RIB boats BARK
1 / pc DAP  110-610 / pc wholesale
Need a boat? For fishing or hunting? For an active leisure or water...
ТПК Укринтерхим, LLC, UA
Thermally modified wood
20 / sq m EXW  17-18 / sq m wholesale
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and...
Термообработка, LLC, UA
Accessories, Sequence and Leather string
5 / piece
Trimmings and Accessories (3/4 boxes of goods) Costume jewelery...
Fadeeva A., DI, Prato
$310 / t CIF
Selling scrap rails on the terms CIF. The minimum delivery is 10000...
Янович В.Л., SP, UA
Floral fabric for iron board
16 / pc  6-12 / pc wholesale
Applicazioni Termoadesive (Iron on Patch) Wide variety of floral...
Fadeeva A., DI, Prato
Italian Fabric & Yarn
15 / m  3-15 / m wholesale
Sell Based on our knowledge of the distribution of warehouses in...
Fadeeva A., DI, Prato
N1 machine for restoration of repair of fuel sprayers
$4,300 / pc CIP
N1 machine for restoration of repair of fuel sprayers The machine N1...
Stanok expert, LLC, RU
N2 Repair Machine of Piezo Nozzle and Common Rail Valve
$1,300 / pc CIP
On the machine, it is possible to produce high-quality processing and...
Stanok expert, LLC, RU
Cemento cerato
50 / sq m
Cemento cerato: alta tecnologia per la vostra casa. cemento...
V&V, SRL, Bergamo
Pavimento in cemento spatolato
50 / sq m
Pavimenti in cemento spatolato. Рavimenti in cemento...
V&V, SRL, Bergamo
Bagni in microcemento
80 / sq m
Bagni in microcemento. Se decidete di ristrutturare ill vostro bagno,...
V&V, SRL, Bergamo
1,000 / t
Italianskaea firma zakliuceaet dogovor po sovmestnomu proizvodstvu...
Stavermann, SPA, Bologna
7.50 / kg
Microcemento Minirasex di APSE : immutabile qualità italiana! Il...
V&V, SRL, Bergamo
Flagmа* Available in 52 countries